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Re: Cacelled Shows 2012-2013

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I have no clue where you get your info. The Simpsons never even hinted it would ed this year, when it ends it will be all over the news.
I read that the voice actors had to take a significant pay cut in order for the show to remain profitable, and that the future episode from last year was written as a series finale not knowing whether the show would get renewed another year.

I think network TV is losing me, period, though. Now other than Parks & Rec and a handful of the serial game shows there's no show on a major network that inspires me to come watch it week to week. Even the new shows that get hyped up like Hannibal range from terrible to mediocre.

No interesting character studies like House, no exciting action serials like 24. Every writer who knows how to make a character interesting moved to cable and premium networks.

I need to catch up on Nurse Jackie, Game of Thrones and Louie.
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