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......anyone else think Noel Clarkes character was entirely unnecessary and we really didn't need to see the whole father/daughter stuff....i mean he's Khan....i'm sure if we just saw a massive explosion at the start of the film, we could easily accept that khan/Harrison could have done this (cos he's clever and such) without needing to see all the preamble nonsense with Clarke leading up to it would have shaved about 8 minutes from the film (which was necessary imo)
That sequence servers it's purposes: It establishes Harrison/Khan, his charisma, his knowledge and most importantly his blood and what it can do.
The scenes tie into the film's theme of "what would you do for your family".
And that's why Noel Clarke's character is important. He shows that perfectly ordinary people can be brought to do the most awful crimes.
Khan managed to turn him into a suicide-bomber, because he (Khan) was known at Section 31.
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