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Re: Shopping for healthier food. Need Help.

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I still have a problem with the ground turkey, there isn't an Aldi's near me.
You live too far away from civilization. I live in rural NC and we have just opened a second Aldi.
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I've had woks over the years but I'm not crazy about their utility; as Alton Brown would say, they're uni-taskers. A large non-stick skillet works fine and is more versatile. Now I do all my stir-frying in a enamel/cast iron braiser, it works great and can do a lot more besides.
Woks have many uses, if one cares to discover them.
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^Better yet, buy a mint plant. They're easy to grow!
I am not looking to go that far. I do have recipes that call for mint, but not enough to where I need to buy a mint plant. A few leaves is all I need.
I'm sensing a pattern here. Every time someone suggests an answer to your questions, the response is that it is too much work, too far away, etc. My grandma called this Southern Laziness. Please tell me that does not apply to you.
Funny thing my mother actually mentioned Aldis to me a couple days ago. I told her I couldn't find one around but she's confident she passed one on her travels. I've looked at my area and how far I am able to go (15-20 mins away tops.) Its still not showing one for my area. But I will look again, she said its like Costco, if so then they should hold a good amount of food products I would hope.
I like digging holes! Which turns out is quite helpful for things like Aquaponics and Home-building.
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