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Re: Poll: Star Trek (2009) vs Into Darkness (Spoilers)

just got back from seeing Into Darkness for the second time. took my fiancÚ along who is not a scifi fan (the most scifi she will go is Lost/Fringe) and she thought it was great. she said as a non-scifi fan she really liked how real it felt, even the space/ ship parts.

definitely enjoyed this film a lot more the second time around. first viewing i was trying to anticipate what would happen and see if the way i'd pieced together the trailer clips in my head played out as a though. they didn't thankfully

this film felt like a Star Trek film - not that '09 wasn't. dare I say it, it felt like a Trek adventure that could easily slot in with the vibe of the original series.

loved how much of the movie was actually spent in space on the Enterprise. and Klingons! FUCK YEAH!! now if the third movie can boldly go somewhere and have an exploration type story to it I will be a happy boy
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