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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

Social differences by region can be rather perplexing. Maybe that's why I don't get where gturner is coming from.

About 8 years ago, I had a work duty assignment in Atlanta GA (I'm from the NY area... a "Yankee"). I was working with a bunch of guys who were born and raised in the local area. We got along great at work. But then a few days into the assignment, when we went out for dinner together, someone decided to bring up The Civil War as a discussion topic. It was focused towards me, specifically. They were curious to know if I was aware of why the war "really" happened.

Uhhhh.... OK. Well, of course I began to sense what they were on about. There's a vast number of people in the North who think the Civil War was all about slavery, when in fact slavery was only part of it. It was really about economics, and of course eliminating free labor meant a huge economic impact, something that would much more greatly affect the South. So, I kind of played along a bit. They were looking to find me as one of the stereotyped northerners and then have an opportunity to educate me.

In any case... WTF? Who the hell cares at this point? The Civil War is the past, a long ago done deal. We've moved on. Nobody who was alive then is alive today, and any lingering gripes about it have long since faded away (obviously not completely, but enough to be inconsequential).

BUT, these guys were still "into it"... I don't get it. And maybe that's why I don't get why people from the rural southern states wouldn't have any problem buying a gun made for a 5 year old kid and teaching him how to use it. It's not like there's a manpower shortage for hunting food. Most shooting these days is done for sport. SPORT. Not defense. Not for necessary sustenance. So, teaching a child to use a dangerous weapon is not a necessity. Sure, a carefully raised obedient and mindful child may be capable of learning to use a gun and never misuse it. BUT, I'd say that's an extreme exception. Laws are for the majority, not the exceptions. And that's a fact.
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