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Suppose I don't really care.

And since you've told us that you haven't watched a modern 3D-movie in the cinema, your opinion of the image quality mean absolutely nothing to me.
Wasn't offering an opinion on this aspect, -- just the views of industry professionals I interview and write about.
The image looks fine and, because of your lack of personal, subjective experience, you still don't know what you are talking about; you're just repeating what others told you.
beamMe, that will be enough. I would like very much not to see you sniping at anyone again - not at Deck 1; not at trevanian; not at anyone. Just stop it now.

Disagree with points made or opinions offered by others and, if you choose, rebut those points and opinions with facts and well-constructed arguments of your own, but leave the personal stuff out or take it outside. I'm busy enough here already with things which are actually about the movie; I do not need to be policing schoolyard squabbles and no one else needs to be reading them in this forum.
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