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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Hmm...thats interesting.
Until now I was living under impression that S4+S6 are MV's job, while CBS-D will remaster S5+S7.

If CBS-D is now taking on even S6, does it mean that either
- MV's job on S4 is not that stellar either (its easy to hide in trailer, remember even for S2 trailer was not the point where lower quality was so universally noticed)
- CBS-D will spend less time on remastering of individual seasons and the overall quality might suffer
- CBS-D is now having majority of stock VFX assets pre-created and remastering of a season will now take less time

I for sure hope it is the last of the possibilities, since I would hate S4 to become same stinker as S2; as well as I would hate the superb quality produced by CBS-D so far to drop just to satisfy overseeing PMs and execs

While S6 in CBS-D is in general good news, for some reason I'm smelling something...
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