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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

IMHO moving TNG to movies was a good decision, it was the execution that was the problem. Seven seasons is enough for pretty much any series. I just wish the TNG movies were more serial, like Star Trek 2-4 and 6 were. All the TNG movies were more or less self contained, didn't have the feel quite like the TNG series, and didn't have many references to TV continuity. Generations could have been done better, but the basic premise was fine with me. First Contact was good, in fact great when I first saw it, it was awesome, but has some issues with aging in some parts of the movie, now. Insurrection was more like a typical TNG episode, that the only thing horrible was the Pintafore singing crap. Nemesis just was a failure on all fronts, especially introducing B4 out of thin air, without even referencing Lore at all. Tom Hardy was fine as Shinzon, but his motivations for revenge seemed misdirected. Neither Earth nor Picard did anything bad to him. It might have been better if instead of Earth, Picard was trying to keep Shinzon from destroying Romulus (of course with Star Trek 2009, it is moot, now).
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