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Ok, I will give it a C+.


The cast is universally great to watch and it was a fun romp. I didn't object to the reveal about Harrison's character, although they could have put a bit of effort into establishing a more credible ethnicity. The plot would have worked as easily, if not better if it had been Joachim instead but as a villain, Harrison worked very well. I will also give a big thumbs up to the use of Uhura on away missions. I thought she was unnecessary in the opening mission (I'd have preferred them to use someone else more qualified) but used to good effect on Q'onos - she should have been on the away team to the Narada as well, since she was fluent in Romulan (as opposed to rusty in Klingon) but I digress. Good use of Scotty and Sulu as well and those who were worried that Uhura would usurp McCoy could not have been more wrong. Kirk's dressing down by Pike was like my thoughts had been vomited onto the screen - I loved it and the evolution of both Kirk and Spock was well done, as in the first movie. I loved the nods to the recent comic stories (I felt like I was in on the jokes) right down to what looked like Lt Boma on the security detail to Q'onos. Great cameo by Nimoy.

However, on balance, this was a very, very silly movie. The worst things were:

Dear god the movie was still soooo sexist. What is the matter with these writers? Very few women among the Starfleet captains at the conference. No (noticeable) women among the Dreadnought crew, no female security officers among Khan's security detail, and an all male security team on the Q'onos mission (another wasted opportunity to use Janice Rand dammit!). We did however get a load of female nurses and a female replacement on the phones so that certainly helped to even up the numbers... It was, however, good to see a female replacement at navigation (I was really hoping for Ilia but, while bald, the actress didn't pull off that kind of allure and also had an American accent) and the copper-skinned alien is still on board but they are waaay short on women overall and the gender roles could easily hark back to the sixties. Shame on them.

I felt a genuine pang of sadness when Carol announced that Chris Chapel has transferred off the ship and was much happier. If it's a prelude to using her character as the focus for an upcoming comic story then I'm ok with that but it felt like they were sweeping Majel's character under a rug and given her fairly recent passing after she gave her blessing to the reboot it felt really disrespectful. They even featured several nurses later on as a sort of slap. Chapel was a research biologist - her character would have been perfect to conduct the tribble experiment instead of McCoy - it would have been a respectful nod to the woman who gave a lot to the franchise. They wrote out some female characters in the comics too, such as Dehner and yet seem more than happy to include most of the men who were in the original stories. Why they don't view Chapel and Rand and the other women as worthwhile characters is a mystery to me.

I hate the way Starfleet is such an administrative shambles. They can transport light years but can't detect ships within visual range? The importance of Yeoman Rand comes to the fore when nobody checks transfer orders? Resignations and QUALIFIED replacements aren't resolved before you leave on a crucial mission? Starfleet command sits on its hands while two ships blast each oter in orbit and they have no defences in place to stop vessels crashing into populated areas. I'm assuming, based on my knowledge of physics, it would take a long time to crash into the surface, and the planet is moving really really fast. Harrison could have crashed at speed using his engines but Enterprise was free-falling - if her angle of re-entry was wrong she would have bounced off the atmosphere wouldn't she? It looked like the writers believe that the Earth is stationary - I don't think it is...

ENSIGN Chekov - the navigator and maths genius who qualified from Starfleet Acadamy a year ago - being promoted to CHIEF engineer instead of one of a dozen more experienced, oh I don't know, actual engineers? I would have been fine if tehy had taken the opportunity to introduce a new chief - preferably a woman - and have Chekov working as her deputy. Fine. But this was so contrived I actually put my head in my hands. Terrible script writing. Just terrible.

The timings were a minor gripe. They keep painting themselves into a corner by hopping star systems. Don't they know that fans were miffed at the trip to Q'onos taking only a few days in Enterprise. Here it happens in, what, 8- 10 hours? Given that Vulcan took only half an hour in the last movie I suppose we should view it as progress? The reluctance to accept that space is really, really big also grated in the last movie and it is generally unnecessary, or would have been if they had not invented transwarp beaming... What I don't understand about transwarp beaming is how you can find sensors powerful enough to scan your destination so that you don't die when you arrive - the planet is moving really really fast subspace signals take hours when far from home, and they can't even get a proper lock on moving targets at close range. I could get on board with Stargate's linked chain of relay stations ending on a receiving transporter pad but as shown in the movies I simply do not get how this is supposed to work - again I think it's just terrible, childish writing that doesn't pay enough respect to the original concept of what transporters were there for.

The homage to TWoK was hilarious. It was like watching a spoof. I don't know if that was the intent. I liked it but it was very obvious where they were headed. The only emotion I felt was when Spock's face cracked. McCoy's surgery on a torpedo was hilariously silly in VI - I loved the homage but once again - ship of 400+ people and your doctor is the guy you send? Daft. This is one instance where I could have seen some logic to using Chekov.

It was fun but I think I've enjoyed the comics' take on the franchise more. I'm ready for them to animate these characters now. I don't think the movies are going to satisfy me!
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