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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

BSG used the "Reset button" as much as Trek ever did. No matter what, Adama always ended up Commander of the Fleet and Roslin always ended up back as their Leader one way or another. They run into a new Battlestar? Oh, it gets destroyed very stupidly.

And Galactica's damage was window dressing, it never really affected the ships' function.

Difference was, Galactica had tons and tons of cannon fodder for the Cylons to kill off without harming Galactica or the crew, and Galactica would run into things to offset their resource problems (the Pegasus able to make new Vipers, making booze out of algae, the hybrid baby's blood curing cancer, etc). VOY had none of that, no cannon fodder or anything.

That, and anytime they DID manage to do repairs to the ship everyone hated it. Meaning they wanted the ship to get so badly damaged it could never be fixed, nevermind this would mean the show would be over. That didn't matter to them.

If anything, BSG shows that the "Lost in Space" plot is only good for 2 seasons. After that, the show fell apart.

What VOY really needed was to have a plot beyond "Lost in Space", because it would mean they could have a plot where they'd accomplish things without ending the show.
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