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my turn

The film was certainly entertaining and provided much more fan wank than i had anticipated...

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  • Tribbles
  • Carol Marcus (and mum)
  • Ketha Province
  • Gorn
  • Khan

It seems strange that the first movie wanted to completely move away from the original established world while this film seemed desperate to drag that old world Trek back with a vengeance....why not a new story....a new villain....cos to be honest this film basically just reminded me that the original world had more depth and more character (so much so that they had to mine it for this film) I suspect they'll get one more film out of it but not much more

I would have preferred that it was not Khan....maybe one of his supporters, comrades etc (and at one point during the film, i thought they were going in that direction and John Harrison was pretending to be Khan for some hitherto unknown reason but that idea was clearly wrong once we get to the end of the film....the first pod they opened....looked a bit like Khan to me...i was hoping that was a clue)

My other (and probably my main) gripe is the Spock/Kirk death the time that happened in TWOK, they had been comrades working/fighting side by side for decades and slowly they built a deep and profound friendship (and Spock still didn't cry) whereas in this film, they've basically been hanging out for a few years (three i think) and Spock crying over Kirks death just seems ridiculous to me (Quinto in general seems far more emotional than Nimoy ever was) They know the Spock/Kirk relationship is already entrenched in popular culture and so they use that fact to basically manipulate the audience rather cynically for story telling ends but it totally didn't ring true for me.....sorry but you can't change the time line, create a new environment and redefine the rules but still expect to get away with using classic Trek tropes, knowledge created by the old shows and character back stories.....JJ chose to abandon that old world (which is fair enough) but he can't then return to it when it suits him even though it is totally out of place in the new time's too lazy and too convenient

It's entertaining enough but these films are designed for the non-fan (with occasional fan wank thrown in to keep the rest of us quiet) and while that may result in some lack of respect for the originals, it keep the franchise alive and kicking and in the public consciousness....until such time as a new series can be produced for television, we'll have to put up with this glossy big budget version of Trek
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