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Suppose I don't really care.

And since you've told us that you haven't watched a modern 3D-movie in the cinema, your opinion of the image quality mean absolutely nothing to me.
Wasn't offering an opinion on this aspect, -- just the views of industry professionals I interview and write about.
The image looks fine and, because of your lack of personal, subjective experience, you still don't know what you are talking about; you're just repeating what others told you.
Sure. I take everything said at face value without crosschecking or doing conventional comprehensive research, then submit the material for publication without even letting all parties proof it for errors or omissions.

What, do you think I write about cinematography for a supermarket tabloid, or Fox News?

If you have no interest in legitimate professional statements of fact -- not opinion -- on actual measured aspects of what you're just babbling about, then wallow away in ignorance, you've certainly got plenty of company here.
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