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Re: Just watched Season 1 for the first time.

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In this age of Netflix, I think we overlook how important those summer hiatuses (hiati?), and waiting a week for a new episode were. I watched TNG, DS9, and VOY as they aired, and waiting for a new episode made each one of them into an important event - allowed me to really absorb each outing. I don't know that I could have appreciated them in the same way if my first viewing of each was a marathon.

But if the OP can, more power to him/her
There was a certain excitement to waiting for each episode to be aired. But I have to admit, I love Netflix or DVD marathons. I've done that with Downton Abbey even more than w/ Trek, because each DA series is so short. I devour each new series in a couple days and then eventually go back and watch them more carefully and slowly.

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I didn't mind the production values in S1 at all, even though things were clearly hokey at times. I work in the theater, and I feel like I've found an immediate feeling of warmth or familiarity with the characters, and the simple sets, etc. I love Patrick Stewart, being a Shakespeare fan, and so it's just candy to watch him in this show. I grew up on Reading Rainbow, and Lavar Burton just kind of tickles me. Growing up I had a cassette that had Brent Spiner reading a story on it, and I must have listened to it a hundred times. So these actors each have a sort of familiarity to me.

It's exciting; I'm two episodes into S2, and eager for more. Funny to see Whoopi Goldberg and Colm Meaney just pop up out of nowhere. That's how ignorant I am to Star Trek: I was not expecting them at all.

I'm loving it!
And I'm enjoying reading about how delighted you are with it!
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