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Hey guys...

A few of you might remember a couple of years ago, (Almost 3 now!) when I had just about disappeared from the site. I was working on my first commissioned project, which led to all kinds of good things.

My now good friend Rick Carthew contacted me back in 2010, wanting me to build a 3D mock up of his ideal version of the Enterprise. He was going to have a Studio Quality built to display, but wasn't exactly sure what it would look like. It took 6 months, but we got it finished, and ended up doing a shuttle and drydock too.

The physical model is currently being built... much of it by 3D printing my 3D parts. It's really neat to see parts I've been looking at on the screen forever become real.

We were going to wait until the model was finished to release any pictures, but we decided to go ahead and do it now. In the latest Into Darkness Sulu clip, we see a newer Design shuttlecraft that looks an awful lot like the one we did for this project.

After I finished the 3D model, We ended up making several videos, and a bunch of wallpaper, that I have been dying to show you guys. As a teaser, here is a sample of the kind of stuff I've been doing with it:

I've got a bunch of stuff up now at ... you guys go take a look and tell me what you think.

Later, guys...

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