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The Borg are not a tos foe, its tng and they should be saved for any future TNG movie.
I disagree. I've always had a secret interest in a Kirk vs. the Borg story and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
I wouldn't mind seeing that at all. By the way here's what Lindelof said a few days ago in an interview.

DL - “You can never see enough Klingons, and I think in this film we’ve given the audience a little taste, but there’s also a promise that there’s a larger conflict on the horizon, and that would be fun to see.”

HUG - So that’s the basis for the next film then?

DL - “Draw your own conclusions my friend. I confirm nothing and deny all.”

HUG - Will we see Benedict Cumberbatch return in future films?

DL - “To answer that question would be to determine whether or not he actually survives this movie, but if he survives this movie, I think that we would be incredibly stupid to not use him again.”

HUG - When I was speaking to Bob (Orci) and Alex (Kurtzman) earlier, they did mention they’d like to bring The Borg and Q into this universe. Have they mentioned that to you?

DL - “You can’t talk about Trek and not talk about the Borg, and certainly about Q. Very iconic adversaries from The Next Generation which is, outside of the original cast films, was my entry way into Star Trek, so I wouldn’t mind getting – towards the end of our run on Star Trek, maybe baby Picard could be born. There has to be some sort of crossover we’re not thinking of.”

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