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Re: Wait, did this movie [SPOILER]

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Apologies if this is a repeat thread, but won't it be difficult to maintain tension in the third film if, whenever someone dies, they can just pull Kahn out of the old freezerino and reanimate whoever kicks the bucket? For that matter, isn't the ability to cure death, in general, something of a big deal? Like, wouldn't all 73 of the frozen supermen be turned into blood farms for the ultimate in cure-all hospitals? I know this is only one of several rather large problems in the plot, but it's sort of bothering me.
It sounds like it has the potential to be a bigger deal than the rejuvenation of billions via the Ba'ku world or the Genesis device ... enough to start religious wars even among secular Federationists ...

with all that in mind ... I bet we'll never hear anything about it ever again ... unless Khan's blood turns out to be mixed with protomatter.
I would not be so sure about that. I was hoping we would never hear or speak of transwarp beaming ever again and yet it's in the movie :/ It would not surprise me if Khan is taken out of the freezer next movie to harvest his blood and he escapes or something. Anything is possible with these writers.
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