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Re: If you found yourself aboard the Enterprise during TMP...

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To that extent, they could simply rename another planet "New Romulus" or even just "Romulus." Given enough time, the destruction of the original homeworld could become academic.
Did the Universe continue after Nero and Spock left?

It's could have simply gone "poof!"

The original Romulan Homeworld is Vulcan.

They've moved before, they'll move again.
This doesn't make a bit of sense.
Some Stellar events have similar properties to temporal shields seen in Voyager's Year of Hell, so really it's just a question of proximity. If you are close enough to, or even crossing the accretion disk while time is rewriting the universe you're safe and left unaffected the chronic editing. Whoever went in second, Nero or Spock, it's been awhile, would have been protected from the universe being annihilated around him as it adjusted to suit the new continuity responsible for it's being.

Take note of DS9 Past Tense, TNG Yesterdays Enterprise and TOS City on the Edge of Forever.

A single timeline where the future is always in flux because of how time travellers in the past are always cocking up the past.

Of course there are other stories which use different rules for time travel, but they mostly suck.

Bry covered the Romulan thing perfectly.
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