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These are things that I can overlook, but beaming from Starfleet HQ to Kronos?
Hand communicators also work between the Neutral Zone and Earth. Space is a lot smaller in the nuVerse - must be those new black holes.
Transwarp beaming... I hate, hate, HATE it.

Kirk calling Scotty on his communicator was strange in the cinema but after thinking about it I realised that Kirks communicator is probably wirelessly connected to the Enterprises communications array rather than just the communicator working on its own 'signal' and this works for me.

Yeah, thanks. This was bugging me, but I like this explanation.

The speed of travel, yeah it's annoying but you can see why they feel the need to do it.

The film generally, I thought it was great. The first half was superb and the Khan reveal was excellent. The 2nd half didn't quite live up to it, possibly because there was no real surprises and it was so obvious Kirk was never going to die.

At one point I thought they were going to turn Khan into a semi-good guy so I'm glad he went where he did.

I just wish they had used the Klingons a bit more, and at the end we were promised an almost certain war by Ad Marcus, yet they were off on a 5-year exploration mission? Hopefully the Klingons are the main enemy in the next film.

I didn't like Marcus's reference to their initial dealings with the Klingons as if they had just made first contact (when ofc in this timeline we have all of the Enterprise backstory when we had plenty of Klingon contact)

But I can get over that. Looking forward to reading the book as well.
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