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Re: Cacelled Shows 2012-2013

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I thought Simpsons was ending this year. Guess I was psyched again.

I was all psyched up to see what they did for the series finale too.

The only show I'm surprised was cancelled is 1600 Penn. Especially since their entire Thursday night comedy lineup except for Parks & Rec is ending. What the heck else are they going to show in that block next year, more lame three camera sitcoms?

Also I might have expected to see South Park on this list, since for the first time they skipped their spring run and are just doing a ten episode fall run. Maybe it didn't get included because it will have a fall run, but I would not be shocked if those are the last ten South Park episodes.
I have no clue where you get your info. The Simpsons never even hinted it would ed this year, when it ends it will be all over the news.

1600 Penn did horribly and was pretty much DOA.

Community is returning with Parks and Rec.

South Park creators want to do less episodes, but the show will probably continue for some time to come. Comedy Central wasn't the ones that lowered the episode count.
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