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You're right about the impulse engine - they replaced it with a much bigger one that wraps around the rear of the saucer.

The only other starship I saw (aside from the Enterprise and Vengeance) was a Newton-class ship docked with the space station when the Enterprise left and jumped to warp. But if there was a Starfleet ship in red, I wonder if it's meant to be the Intrepid? There was a Vulcan captain at the conference, and we know Vulcan ships have a similar colouration.
Thanks for confirming the impulse upgrade.

I do remember that Newton class starship, just as the Ent jumped, but this 'red ship' was slightly before then, possibly near the shot of the docking clamps releasing... I definitely need to go see Into Darkness for a second time - so many details that my eyes need to explore, and to confirm whether my eyes are playing tricks on me! A Vulcan-influenced StarFleet ship would be an interesting hybrid.

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