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Re: TrekCore: "Important News about DS9 in HD Coming May 10"

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Well... guess that deal is done then, huh?
Oh, how i'd love to be a little fly now in the offices of those decision heads over at CBS.
Well we probably shouldn't get TOO far ahead of ourselves. Note that the article states there were two teams that worked on the CG effects (Foundation Imaging and Digital Muse), and it's only Foundation that this guy has all the effects files for.

And from what he says, it was the other group that did most of the effects work, so until we hear from one of those guys I'd say this is all still very much up in the air.

Although I'd be really surprised if someone didn't have those files. It's hard to believe a company would do all that immense amount of work-- for such a huge, iconic franchise-- and not keep the computer files stored away somewhere.
Well, Eden FX is still around. Eden FX is what became of both Foundation Imaging and Digital Muse. Rob Bonchune worked for both Foundation and Eden FX, and Eden FX have all of Digital Muse's Star Trek assets. Here's the pertinent quote from Memory Alpha:

Digital Muse closed down in February 2000 after a decision to sell a portion of the company to an internet company in order to raise capital backfired, resulting in a hostile take-over of the company. Gross opted to start over, leaving the company to found Eden FX with Digital Magic's Mark Miller. Digital Muse shut down the following week. [1] [2] The company was working on the seventh season of Star Trek: Voyager at the time; fortunately, however, Paramount Pictures owned the computer models which Digital Muse created, so Gross and his staff were able to simply copy the models onto their server at Eden FX, allowing the studio to continue their work with the franchise. [3] Many of the employees at Digital Muse also quit Muse to join Eden FX.
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