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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 12 – Loose Ends
5 February 2007
“Unscheduled Offworld Activation!” Harriman called.

“Close the Iris,” Landry said.

The Iris closed.

“Receiving IDC. It’s the Doctor. Wait, receiving another IDC, SG-1!”

“Open the Iris.”

Harriman opened the Iris. “Receiving a signal, sir.”

SGC, do you read?” Mitchell asked.

“We read you, Colonel,” Landry said.

We’re going to bring the TARDIS back through the gate. Be prepared for possible high speed impact, sir.

“High Speed impact?” Landry asked.

Apparently when they arrived, here the TARDIS ended up over a kilometre from the gate.

“Noted,” Landry said. He turned to Harriman. “Deploy the shock nets.” He then told Mitchell that the preparations would take about 5 minutes.

The preparations will take approximately five minutes,” The general said.

“We’ll be ready, Mitchell out.”

“Five minutes?” the Doctor asked.

“Yes,” Mitchell said from where he stood next to the DHD.

“That gives me enough time to prepare the TARDIS for a second trip.”

Five minutes later, the SGC signalled that they had the preparations in place.

“Ok, We’re ready as ever. Everyone hold tight!” the Doctor said. He then set the TARDIS in motion...

The TARDIS emerged from the gate at a high speed. It crashed into the shock nets. The shock nets were thus strained, but they held, the TARDIS having come out of the gate at a lower velocity than it had on Tiloana.

The TARDIS fell to the floor and landed on its side. The Doctor opened the door, and clambered out onto the floor. He then helped his companions, Lana and the SG teams out.

The Doctor entered the control room. “As you can see, I rescued SG1 from the Ori ship,” he said.

“Very good. There will be a debriefing in fifteen minutes. Be there,” Landry ordered.

“I could be gone before you know it,” the Doctor said.

“I doubt that. I would like to have your point of view of the rescue,” Landry said.

“I will be there.”

“I want to go back to my world!” Lana said stubbornly as she entered the briefing room.

“In a while Ms. Halaia. First I want to know exactly what happened after SG1 and the Doctor’s companions arrived on your planet,” Landry said.

“Sure,” Lana said.

Everyone took their places in the crowded room. “Dr. Jackson, I believe you made some discoveries in an abandoned library.”

“Yes,” Daniel said as he launched into his description of the discoveries he and Felicia made.

An hour and a half later, the Doctor and his companions exited the briefing room. “We are attempting to re-enter our universe now?” Felicia asked quietly.

“Yes, after Lana returns to her world. I would like to have a talk with her,” the Doctor replied.

“Sure,” Felicia said in a quieter tone.

Tamsin noticed the quiet tone. “We’ll return soon enough,” she said as she placed her hand on Felicia’s shoulder in a gesture of comfort.

Walter was getting ready to re-dial Tiloana as the Doctor and Lana entered the control room. “You are returning home,” the Doctor stated.

“Of course, I must do what I can to protect my people against the Ori and any remnant Goa’uld.”

“I must repeat that your strategy of running away from your enemies will not work forever.”

Lana rolled her eyes. She had heard the same argument from the Doctor over and over again during those two months aboard the TARDIS. “And I say again, that it will.” She turned to Walter. “Start the dialing sequence.”

“I have to wait for Landry’s order, Ms. Helaia.”

Lana sighed. “I’m ready to go.”

Walter keyed the intercom. “General Landry to the control room.”

Lana turned around and realised that the Doctor had left. ‘I guess he is going to leave before I do,’ she thought.

General Landry entered the control room. “Yes, Walter?”

“Ms. Helaia is asking to return to her planet, Sir.”

“Of course. Dial the gate,” Landry said.

“Aye, Sir.”

“Goodbye, General,” Lana said.

“Remember what we discussed,” Landry said.

“Of course,” Lana said.

Lana saw the companions around the TARDIS as she entered the debarkation room. She waved goodbye.

Chevron five encoded.”

“Bye, thanks for the help. Even if we did get captured,” Tamsin said.


Chevron six encoded.”

“Hope things go well,” Kiara said.

Lana just gave a non-committal shrug. “Bye,” she said, as she came up to the front of the ramp.

Chevron seven, locked!” the gate opened. She then ran forwards and jumped through the gate.

Once the gate shut down, the Doctor emerged from the TARDIS. “Time to go,” he said.

“Finally,” Felicia said.

TARDIS in Flight
“We have left the SGC and are now heading back to our universe,” the Doctor said.

“Are you sure?” Felicia asked.

“Yes, I have done this before,” the Doctor said.

“I’m sure that we’ll return to our universe, Felicia,” Tamsin said.

“I’m sure you’re right. I’ll be in the library,” Felicia said.

“Ok,” Tamsin said.

Later Tamsin found Felicia in the library, near the entrance. “The Doctor says that we have re-entered our universe,” she said.

Felicia smiled. ”Good.”

“He has plotted a random course.”

Felicia nodded. Then the Cloister Bell began to ring.

“Uh, oh!”

Kiara was reading in the console room. She noticed the destination display change.

The Fields of Trenzalore.

“What? Fields of Trenzalore?” she asked herself in puzzlement. ‘Doesn’t even specify a time...’

She accessed the TARDIS Index File. She ran a search for the Fields of Trenzalore.


“That doesn’t make sense,” she said again. She glowered at the screen and twirled one of her braids around her finger.

The display changed again.

Earth Orbit, early 2005.

‘This is too weird,’ Kiara thought as she took one of the doctor’s notepads and started writing down the destinations.

Kiara had just written Pharos Project, Earth when the Doctor reentered the console room. “The TARDIS is going all over the Milky Way, Doctor.”

“She is?” the Doctor asked.

“It’s aiming all over the galaxy in any case, including two places with restricted information.”

“Where was those?”

“The Feilds of Trenzalore and the Medusa Cascade,” Kiara said. She wrote UNIT Headquarters, 1973.

“The former is where I regenerated last.”

“What about all these other places?” Kiara asked, placing the list into the Doctor’s hands.

The Doctor’s face paled. “These are all places where I regenerated, or almost regenerated in reverse order.”

“They are, and the TARDIS is about to select the final one.” They looked at the diplay.

Antarctica, 1986

They waited.

Intercept course plotted


“What did you expect, Doctor?”

“Gallifrey, or rather, my initiation at the Temporal Schism.”

“Oh,” Kiara said. The Cloister Bell began to rang. “Something’s happening!”

The Doctor leapt to the console, dropping the list. “An anomaly, similar to the one Felicia arrived through, is near the library.”

“Is she returning or going further back?” Kiara wondered, leaping to the same conclusion that the Doctor had.

“No idea, but we need to hurry,” the Doctor said.

“I know a way…”

Tamsin and Felicia exited the library. The TARDIS shook. Down the corridor an anomaly appeared. “Not again!” Felicia said.

“Back into the library, Felicia!”

Felicia turned, but the doors slammed shut before she could go in. “No!” she said pounding her fist against them. She then was pulled towards the anomaly. Tamsin too, although she was further away. “Run Tamsin!”

“No!” Tamsin grabbed onto her, both of them fell towards the anomaly. The TARDIS corridor twisted, causing them to fall onto the wall. The shock caused Tamsin to let go...

“Bye, Tamsin!” Felicia said as she once again entered the anomaly.

Tamsin saw the mixture of anguish and wonder on Felicia’s face as she entered the anomaly. ‘I’ll miss you,’ she thought as a tear fell from her left eye. Then the anomaly disappeared and she fell to the floor.

She got up to see the Doctor and Kiara approaching on an extending ice platform.

“She’s gone,” she said when they had come to the spot.

“I hope she’s gone back, or forwards, to her Doctor,” Kiara said.

“It’s likely to be my previous incarnation,” the Doctor said, seriously. “But we may see her again at some point.”

“How would he react, Doctor?” Kiara asked.

“Depends when it was.”

Tamsin wondered if the Doctor was right, that she would see Felicia again at any time. ‘I hope so.’
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