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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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As for Decent... well that was a goofy episode to say the least. It wasn't even about the Borg so much as about Data and Lore. I don't see why Hugh's reassimilation would have any lasting effect. Don't they assimilate individuals regularly anyways? So I'm inclined to think Lore just somehow hacked that funkified ship so he could control those drones.
Back then, the idea was that there were 2 different types of Borg. "Born" Borg who were never individual and were "Born" into the Collective (the Borg babies we saw in Q Who?) and the assimilated ones.

Hugh and his group were meant to be "Born" Borg who had never been individuals and that was why Hugh was so easily de-assimilated just by being tossed around in a ship crash. That's why his newfound individuality had such an effect on his group.

Though even then the ship was way more powerful than the Enterprise and it took outsmarting them by luring them into a sunblast to beat them.
And guess what? If Voyager had done the same thing or something similar to destroy a Borg Cube folks would be up in arms over how that shouldn't have scratched a Borg ship.

Hell, if they'd done that to destroy the Probe ship in "Dark Frontier" then there'd be uproars over how the Sun shouldn't have been enough to damage a PROBE ship.
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