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Re: The recycled footage of BOP exploding in Generations

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Gene Roddenberry went to the trouble of making the Klingon Empire an ally of the Federation in the TNG era just to get away from that...
Was it Gene? It's been stated many times that Bob Justman was the one who basically had to push hard to convince Gene to have a Klingon (Worf) on the bridge in TNG. Where is it that Gene went out of his way to make the Klingon's an ally?
That's right. Roddenberry wanted TNG to have nothing whatsoever to do with any original Trek alien -- no Klingons, no Vulcans, no nada. And no references to the original. If Roddenberry had had his way, audiences would never have been sure if TNG had any more to do with the original Trek than the Friday the 13th series had to do with the movies.
Friday13th SERIES! Geez, outside of Robey in a white t-shirt, did that show have ANYTHING going on upstairs?
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