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King Daniel wrote: View Post
Plausible deniability. "You say I'm building a secret dreadnought warship? No son, it's a model. I have a hobby - see?" *points*
I LOL'd. Love it.

Phily B wrote: View Post
When Kirk told Chekov to put on the red shirt and his reaction I cracked up.
Me too! I felt like I was the only person in the theatre who was laughing though. I thought it was Hilars.

Chemahkuu wrote: View Post
The Federation obviously aren't the only ones stepping up weapons production. Praxis was overmined for something extremely volatile or used for subspace weapon testing in the Prime Universe, they've done the same here, only earlier.

Don't forget, the Klingons held Nero and the Narada for 25 years, they were likely as eager to have new weapons to combat it as Starfleet, and could explain a lot of Marcus' paranoia at the situation.
Yup, this was my thought exactly- the destruction of Vulcan alone could be used to explain the acceleration of mining on Praxis, let alone having the Nerada in their possession for 25 years! I think that exploded moon was definitely meant to be a reference to Praxis.

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