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Re: Marvel's Avengers Assemble animated series discussion

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Looking good. Interestingly it appears to be after some point in time when the Avengers have disbanded. It obviously looks quite inspired by the movie with the members, not at all like a sequel to EMH.
I've heard it claimed that it's in continuity with EMH, but this trailer makes that seem unlikely. EMH's Falcon was very different from this guy, a more serious, tough character voiced by Fringe's Lance Reddick. I'm wondering if it might relate to EMH the way Spider-Man Unlimited related to its predecessor animated series back in the '90s -- ambiguous about its relationship to the previous show so that it gives the impression of a connection at first but is really a distinct continuity.

For what it's worth, I gather the characters have the same voices they had in Ultimate Spider-Man (at least for those who've appeared there), which raises the question of whether it's in continuity with that.

I wonder how much this is connected to the movie, and if will hint towards Avengers 2 which out in 2015?
Probably not at all. It gives the impression that the Avengers were a going concern for a while before they finally disbanded. In the Cinematic Universe, the Avengers disbanded right after the Battle of New York. So it wouldn't work as the same continuity. Most likely the only connection is that it uses the same characters. Animated tie-ins to movies often use the same basic characters and elements while going their own way continuity-wise. Like the way Batman: The Animated Series used Tim Burton-style designs for Penguin and Catwoman even though its versions of those characters were (thankfully) very different from Burton's.
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