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Re: Star Trek: Into Darkness Discussion [**NO SPOILERS PLEASE**]

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Midnight Showing, Wednesday (well, Thursday at 12:01 AM, technically)

The Danbarry - Middletown must be far different than the Danbarry - Florence! I went to ours once and it was the worst experience I ever had in a theater. Terrible chairs, terrible sound system and the picture was incredibly dim.
I've never been to the one in Florence. The one in Middletown I've gone to for years, and it's actually pretty nice. As theaters go, I'd give it a solid "B."

Also, they've just transitioned to the Sony 4K cinema setup. Our Danbarry seems intent on improving their theater, which is great. I don't mind paying $4 for a small popcorn if it means a much better theater experience.

Oh, which reminds me: When I went to purchase the tickets, they had to go authorize the system to sell ST:ID advance tickets. It seems that the corporate office had sent the authorization without notifying them. That only took a few minutes, but while I was waiting off to the side of the line, matinee hours began. So you could see a whole line of senior citizens coming in to watch a movie. They were all coming to see Gatsby, (which I want to see as well).

Anyway, so 15 or 20 of them go through the line, and all of them are wanting to watch Gatsby. Well, toward the end, this little old lady, hunched over, with walking stick, cream yellow colored blouse, white hair, real sweet looking, shuffles up to the counter. The sales agent says, "one for Gatsby, ma'am?" to which she replies, "No way! One ticket for Iron Man 3, please."

As she walked away, I commented, "wanting to see that sexy Robert Downey, Jr.?" at which point, she says, without even turning back, "you bet I am!"

I just about died laughing.

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