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Re: Pedantic Star Trek discussion #134: Riker's Field Commission

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A field commission is a perfectly legitimate commission. And there's no reason to bust the guy back to commander after he's saved the Earth.

Now, I understand there's no ship for him to take command of...and it's just awkward to have Picard call him "Captain" for a year. (Though that can just be avoided by always referring to him as Number One.) But let's say you're Rick Berman, and you don't give a flip if your show has serialized do you fix this?

Myself, I offer Frakes DS9*, and go with either Shelby coming back in a year if the actress wants to, or with Data as XO.

*It could work! Don't be hatin...
Personally, I have this theory that Section 31 told Riker to stay on the Enterprise to keep an eye on Picard, ready to make him disappear if Picard starting acting funky...
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