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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Nah - a cube is tiny compared to a planet and though it's self-healing the Enterprise demonstrated in "Q Who" that it could be damaged. It's not that big. Faced with even the fleet of Kirk's time - twelve ships that could each destroy the surface of a planet - it wouldn't last long enough to automatically repair itself. The only way it survives is if it's from Krypton and gains invulnerability from Earth's Sun.

I can't believe I'm having a nerd moment here. I must go to bed.
But weren't they able to adapt to Federation weapons thanks to the encounter in system J-25?

And don't forget that in the novels they had a Borg cube eat Pluto!

But either way, the Connie's seemed to be Starfleet's front line vessels when it came to mixing it up with other Empires. So I think my point stands that a first-time dedicated 'warship' in the Abramsverse contradicts nothing nor does it mean that Starfleet was made-up of tree-hugging Hippies prior to Nero's incursion.
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