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Re: In name of Trek?

Tora Ziyal wrote: View Post
Do pets count? I once named a fish -- a mini koi -- James Tiberius Koik. Called him Tiberius.
That's cute!

I named one of my cats after a character in Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover novel.

And another cat was named Gussy; people thought it was in honor of my grandfather, whose name was Gustav. But only I knew he was really named after Augustus Caesar.

ToddPence wrote: View Post
In a book from the 1970's called "Letters to Star Trek", there is the story of a couple who named their daughter Miri, after that episode. I can only imagine the monstrously awful schoolhood that poor girl must have had. ("No, it's not Mary . . . it's Miri . . . no Miri . . . well see, my parents named me after a Star Trek episode . . . please stop laughing . . .")
It would be annoying if people didn't hear it correctly and made the wrong assumption. I get that all the time with my middle name.

But "Miri" could simply be a shortened form of "Miriam." It's a perfectly good name.

At least they didn't name her after a character in the Gor novels (I didn't know how to react the day I met a college kid named "Tarl." He was rather embarrassed to admit that yes, his parents read Gor books, and I tried very hard not to laugh as he was definitely not anybody's vision of a swashbuckling wencher...).
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