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Re: TrekCore: "Important News about DS9 in HD Coming May 10"

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How to remaster computer generated imagery, though? Re-rendering is re-mastering it in this case. There's no two ways about it, upscaling a CGI shot is certainly not remastering it. Making a new render of the original file is the right thing to do.
Re-rendering the original elements is ok, but re-creating them ruins it for me. Even if it's as subtle as in TNG-R. And don't get me started on TOS-R!
Um... huh?

I would have guessed that you'd have liked the remastered original series since the complete original film masters were remastered in HD, original FX and all. The added FX had nothing whatsoever to do with the remaster and are simply an added bonus which you are free to watch or not.

EDIT: From an earlier post of yours:
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Then yes, the DVDs are what you want if you don't want the show to be remastered.
Remastered, yes! Recreated, no! When will people finally get the difference!
When indeed? Not a frame of TOS was recreated when remastered in HD. You can think of the enhanced FX as simply a bonus feature of the TOS BD.
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