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Re: Build-Up to The Office Finale

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The show is really going out with a whimper, the latest episode was dreadful. I barely laughed at the funny bits, and the feel-good parts were just generically sappy. When Pam played Jim's highlight video, my main thought was "How long is this going to drag out?"

A little Earth Wind & Fire can help anything, though.
Never a good idea to remind your viewers of how much better the show was in the past. Though, I did recently re-watch season 2 and was happy to see they finally revisited the Christmas Card, though it's a bit weird that he's been married to Pam for years and just now is giving her the card.

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Edit: I've been power-watching Parks & Rec to see the early episodes I missed because the pilot sucked, and realizing just how much better a show it is than The Office. Such a well balanced cast, and Mark for Chris & Ben is the best trade in TV history.
I agree, totally, with this. Parks and Recreation has heart, something that The Office, aside from Jim and Pam (and occasionally Oscar) lacks. That's not a knock against The Office, because it's not that kind of show, but I do enjoy how much the characters in Parks and Recreation care for, respect, and admire each other.
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