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I'm tech retarded and never notice things such as the color of the nacelles debacle but I can't overlook the incredible dumbness of those two examples in donners post. Now maybe there has been a super dooper tech development somehow tied in with the need to advance the military side of Starfleet because Vulcan blew up? I really need a throw away line explanation.
The film gives an explanation for the beaming incident.

As to the communicator, Kirk likely had Uhura patch it into the ships own subspace communications system and using it to reach Earth, it wasn't just the communicator on it's own.

Therin of Andor wrote: View Post
Two members of the same species, weren't they?

Had Caitians been used, we'd have people screaming, "But Caitians were in ST IV and ST V. Show us something new!"
Yes, I just meant two new aliens, not two new speices. And I'm not so sure, when it comes to the cute and furry fans seem to be ok, everyones bitching about Kirk's reivial, but they're fine with the Tribble surviving.
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