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Re: Well, THIS makes me feel old...

I can't remember who said it, but it's been suggested that every era goes through three stages of popularity: first, the original; then again 20-30 years later when those who were that era's children have grown into positions of creative power; and a final renaissance 20-30 years thereafter, when they're nearing the end of their careers and are in positions of financial/political power. The final incarnation is a faint enough echo of the original that the cycle effectively starts afresh from that point.

The idea doesn't talk about carbon copies of the earlier eras but updated/modified versions, and I think with that caveat, that there is validity to this cyclical viewpoint. Certainly, the last 5+ years have seen an upsurge of 80s-inspired creative media. I had my formative years in the 80s myself, so it's kind of strange to see it all back again. Things like the clothes, the toylines, the movies, the music, and even some of the politics/economic/financial themes have all seemed to recur (with some updated modifications, obviously). I enjoyed the 80s first time round, so it's actually quite comforting to see it all around me again. But it does remind me of how much time has passed! It also makes me wonder what life - and I - will be like when it comes round for its last echo in a further 30 years.
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