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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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And the worst part is, there was no need to redo this shot. It's exactly the same and could have been lifted directly from season 1.
The same can be said about 75% of the effects shots in season 2. Most of the shots are stock footage from season 1. Yet they were all redone. Perhaps if HTV hadn't wasted their time redoing shots already done by CBS-D, they could have put more time and effort into the new shots, such as in Q Who.
It also makes us wonder why CBS-D didn't provide HTV with the already remastered elements of the stock shots, starfields etc in the first place, I hope this isn't the case for Season 4 and MV even with the supervision they reportedly received to ensure consistency between seasons.

Another FX fluff in that episode is the misaligned deflector glow element and the warp nacelle glows are missing all together.
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