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Re: Just watched Season 1 for the first time.

Watch them in order.

I love all seasons of TNG and a large majority of episodes in each one, but there is a somewhat different tone between seasons 1 and 2, and then a distinctively different one again between those two and the rest. I also find the last season a bit different again, though not consistently so.

I guess what I'm saying is that loving S1 isn't a guarantee that you'll love the rest of TNG, but if you take each season on its own merits I think they're all pretty great in their own ways. Given how you describe yourself (technophile, futurist, etc), I'm pretty confident that you'll enjoy it all! The TNG movies are more mixed; I find both Generations & First Contact excellent (again, in different ways) and the other two pretty dire, but ymmv.

I'm amazed you got this far without ever watching TNG but as someone who's rewatched the eps many times, I think Picard best expresses what I feel about your prospect of being able to watch the whole thing for the first time:

"I envy you... taking these first steps into a new frontier."

(DS9 is also an entertaining series, but it's very different from TNG, especially in its later seasons. VOY is a very mixed bag with a few great episodes and quite a lot of mediocre ones, but it's not awful. ENT I never really got into at all; it just never engaged me. By the way, I'm assuming that you have seen the original Star Trek series. If you haven't, and you like S1 TNG, you will certainly like TOS too.)
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