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Re: Ryan Reynolds Not Interested in Returning as Green Lantern Right N

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had sympathies that lay with the 99%
Unlike The Dark Knight Rises, which called Wall Street a bunch of thieves.
What, through one line from the murdering, psychotic antagonist?
I'm sorry Nolan did not personally step into the film and communicate the message in his own words to the audience. You know, like filmmakers usually do. ( And it's more than just Bane's line. ) It is also true that if an idea is not repeated ad nauseam in scene after scene, it can be treated as though it's not really present in the film at all. Unlike "Batman beats up criminals, so 1% rules", something which is apparently self-evident. I mean, it's not like you intend to justify your contention regarding the film's sympathies by referring to the antics of a murdering, psychotic antagonist.
Just walk away, and there will be an end to the horror.

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