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Re: All right, all you JJ-haters! Put your money where your mouth is!

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Are the writer of the TOS novels just as "pathetically uncreative" and "can't [...] exert a little effort"?
The writers don't have to cast them, build sets, do FX, etc... Your imagination can fill in the blanks and make it 1969 all over again. Total apples and oranges. Plus, TOS novel book sales wouldn't come close to a new TV series. It's niche.
Still, why don't you demand of them that they exert a little more creative effort and create a new set of characters, a new crew for each new novel?

Don't you think there are reasons why people like to go back to those original TOS characters?

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And now they can watch them have new adventures where anything is possible.
Anything's possible, but not necessarily plausible or desirable. I prefer my Enterprise not to be a submarine and Spock not to have Vader "Noooo!!!!!" moments of farce.
Your Enterprise, of course, already did operate as a "submarine" and Spock had more than one emotional outburst.
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