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Just got back from seeing it and I loved it.

I still don't really like the ship and uniform designs but that wasn't going to change from the last movie. I did like the way they remade Space Seed and Wrath of Khan without, er, remaking them...

Like the last film, I loved it while I was watching it but afterwards plot holes started to occur to me, although most for the last film were resolved by people on this site - I trust that the same will happen again. JJ and Co. seem to have trouble writing scripts that dot all the I's and cross all the T's.

Here's my take on why they needed Khans blood and not that of another Augment - they KNEW Khan's blood worked and they only had one shot. Trying anything else was too risky.

And here's a prediction - Spock Prime will have a larger part in the next one to complete his 'arc' and we will get a look at New Vulcan.
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