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Re: References to other Trek MASSIVE SPOILERS!!

I also assumed it was Praxis behind Qo'nos, sorry, for the non trek fans who can't pronounce that, phonetically spelled 'Kronos' lmao. *shakes fist*

But I waited until I saw a few other comments. It's too obvious an easter egg to be next to the planet. Must've been over mined earlier in this timeline. Cool.

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Chekov's face and the music cue when Kirk tells him to "go put on a red shirt" has to count as a reference.
That had to be the best moment in the film. Period.

Chekov almost breaking the fourth wall with a glance, very slightly, when he's told to "Go put on a red shirt." So funny,yet it's a neat little call back as according to Kirk at his bollocking by Pike, he's never lost an officer. So it's a perfect in joke. Better than Olsen the redshirt in 09 Trek.

Chekovs line is still the best though, "Olsen is gone sir." Gets me everytime, in a good way.
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