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Re: Recasting Voyager with actors from today

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Hello all, I'm new to this forum, I'm not sure if this has been done on here before but I thought it would be fun to do a dream team recasting of Voyager characters with some notable actors of today.

Captain Janeway - Annette Bening - I think she would make a great Janeway, great actress with a great tone in her voice and could play an authority figure very well.

second choice - I know this would be a little off the wall but Jane Lynch would be my second choice, I know she is a comedienne but she just commands attention with the way she talks.

Chakotay - Adam Beach, here's a novel idea, how about hiring a real native american to play a native american character, Adam Beach is a solid actor from movies such as Flags of our Father and Windtalkers, I'm sure he could resonate with the Chakotay character.

Tom Paris - Ryan Reynolds - Paris is sly and smug, 2 characteristics Reynolds pulls off very well.

B'ellana Torres - Natalie Portman, Natty has a half klingon yes please plus she has the acting chops for sure.

Harry Kim - Daniel Dae Kim, Lost and Hawaii 5-0 veteran Daniel Dae Kim would be the perfect Harry Kim, he might be a little to old for the part but he's 10 times the actor Wang was and Harry Kim would probably have been a lot better.

Seven of Nine - Scarlett Johansson, throw Scarlett in Seven of Nine's body suits and watch ratings blow up.

Tuvok - Don Cheadle - great actor

Neelix - Zach Galifianakis, maybe Neelix would of been the breakout character then.

Kes - meh I dunno

The Doctor - I would say the Doctor should stay as Picardo due to his brilliance but due to his age now it would be difficult, I would cast Jim Parsons from the Big Bang Theory, would make a perfect new doctor.

well tell me what you guys think
Those are all pretty expensive A Listers. Doesn't mean they would really fit the parts, or have the right chemistry together. Benning as Janeway and Beach as Chakotay I can see.
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