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Re: Recasting Voyager with actors from today

Kathryn Janeway - Dina Meyer
I think she would make a great Captain, would love to see her lead the next series (if/when we get one)

Chakotay - Adam Beach
I'm not up on my Native American actors, but I did google him and he looks right for the part

Tuvok - DB Woodside
He'd make Tuvok just too cool for school

Tom Paris - Jesse Spencer
Hot, young and blonde

B'Elanna Torres - America Ferrera
I'd love to see her as a fiesty and sassy character with a lot of fire in her belly

Harry Kim - Harry Shum Jr
At least if he breaks into a dnace he'd still be more useful than the original

EMH - David Tennant
He just has to be The Doctor

Neelix - Geoff Stults
A hotter, buffer and much darker character

Kes - Summer Glau
I love Summer, so she find her way into pretty much every bit of casting I do
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