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Re: All right, all you JJ-haters! Put your money where your mouth is!

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I see your challenge and raise you the members of this BBS. From what I have seen and read here in this BBS, there is sufficient talent right here to best JJ and the Bad Robot group.
Translation: I want to return to the Prime Universe and "cerebral exploration."

Bull. All of this is utter bull, you people want Trek movies to be something they never were.
The old Trek universe is a thing of the past, love it, respect it, but build on it's beginnings...definitely! JJ did some good things with his take on Trek, like the Kelvin for instance. In my film(s) all of Trek would be on the table for use. The Chuckverse (if I may) would be a little more beef and a little less flash. (Having nothing to do with lens flair).

The story(s) visuals would be new and at the same time the audience would be comfortable with what they see. Again taking page from Roddenberry, we would not revisit earth, instead we would be "out there" somewhere, at work. From JJ we will borrow the Kelvin-ish style design for our principal ship in the story. Pacing must be brisk, but so fast that the audience is lost along the way.

Our story begins at a federation starbase not far from... oh say...Risa. The story centers around a young female Commander who is about to receive her first vessel from none other than Admiral Nogura (the chief of Star Fleet Operations). Who is in the area on an inspection tour of the sector.

Our Commander anxiously awaits her first command, which she anticipates to be modern "up to date" ship of the line. Instead she draws "The Bucket", the tired and old U.S.S. Langley. Her mission? Proceed to Sherman's planet, take command of the Langley and skipper her back to the yard at Utopia Planita for survey and decommissioning...

We're Star Trek fans, weird is just part of the job.
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