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Re: TrekCore: "Important News about DS9 in HD Coming May 10"

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Re-rendering the original elements is ok, but re-creating them ruins it for me. Even if it's as subtle as in TNG-R. And don't get me started on TOS-R!
Well, you'll get no arguement from me concerning TOS-R. I'm really not a fan of the "updated effects" by any stretch of the imagination. And you are right, they had nothing to do with a remastering.

In the case of the CGI files for DS9, however, those are the original elements. Rendering them anew is analogous to putting the original 35 mm film elements in a projector and scan them for a more detailed picture. That's exactly how they should remaster those effects elements.

EDIT: Schon lustig, wie das Board immer mehr von deutschen Usern bevölkert wird. Das hat man nun davon, dass es kein ordentliches, deutsches Star Trek-Forum gibt, richtig? Vielleicht sollten wir uns bei Gelegenheit mal in einem Thread sammeln.
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