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Re: All right, all you JJ-haters! Put your money where your mouth is!

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What would be the point of that specific story?
As much as I loathe Abramstrek, the scripts, while being incoherent messes, do have a point. Abramstrek 1 was about getting the gang together with a minor in-universe justification for the reboot. Abramstrek 2 is about putting the gang and Kirk's command ability to the test, making them ready for the 5-year mission.

Stories like that in the quote are fine for a TV show where you have 26 episodes per season, one episode per week. But is the story you come up with really worth to fill those rare 2 hours every 4 years?
Star Trek is supposed to reflect important issues we're dealing with today. Well, the building being taken out, think 911. The threat of nuclear war. Trust issues between different cultures with advanced technology. I enjoyed 13 days, even though we know how it ends. So you still have Sci Fi , action and FX and drama. But you get way from single villians. Now the villian is war.
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