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Re: Eccleston turned down chance to be in 50th Anniversary story

[/QUOTE]Thank you! This drives me crazy every single time there's talk about the classic Doctors returning. There's always one person (although usually it's more than one) who argues that we'll need an explanation for their change in appearance. Classic case of not looking pass the end of their noses!

Also, for those keeping score at home (ATimson ), I want all of them to come back.[/QUOTE]

Damn, I'm sorry I brought it up lol
Like I said, I'm an American who hasn't seen WHO since Davison left (I did catch a little of the eighth Doctor). I really don't care how they present it--the bunch of them could all just stand there, and I'd watch it. It's just be fun to see them--all of them--running around the universe one more time.
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