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I dunno, personally, I'm looking forward to the film - I'm seeing it on the 17th in 3D IMAX, probably taking my family to see it later on, then taking my best friend to see it.

Frankly, I'd rather see Khan himself than see a tired attempt to portray someone LIKE Khan. And instead of trying to impose the WOK storyline on another movie, we have a reinvented Khan (a la The Joker) in a new story. At least this is something new.

As for Khan being an ice cold mastermind type, I was talking my best friend recently and we were talking about how much movie tropes differ from era to era... And we agreed that if Khan had been written *now* instead of in the 60s, he'd be much more a cloak and dagger type and more morally ambiguous, because that's what the public will buy as a bad guy now.
^ This

Soran, Borg Queen, Ru'afo and Shinzon, have been nothing more than stupid attempts to make a Khan like villian, just give us Khan for god's sakes.
If Soran and Ru'afo are supposed to be Khan-ripoffs, then Chang and Kruge are Khan-ripoffs as well.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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