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Re: The Martok Appreciation Thread

How did I miss this thread? I absolutely LOVE Martok!

lurok wrote: View Post
I toast this thread with a barrel of bloodwine! Martok made Worf a better Klingon; and Hertzler made Dorn look good.

Agreed! Martok was a better "partner" for Worf than Jadzia when it came to character development. And as much as I love Worf's character Michael Dorn is not a strong actor but he plays well against Hertzler. I love dynamic between the Textbook Klingon vs. The Real World one.

mythme wrote: View Post
For me what best demonstrates how Martok was written so genuinely Klingon is in the finale; while Sisko and Admiral Ross refuse to toast their taking of Cardassia because of the mass slaughter that has taken place, Martok relishes in his victory, chuckles at the humans "ethics" and guzzles his bloodwine. I love it when aliens don't conform to humanity's own sense of morality.
Totally agree.

Ryva Brall wrote: View Post

To be honest, with Worf being as dead serious as he is, I always wondered what that jokester Jadzia saw in him.
I think that might be what made them work, because they are opposites. Opposites often make the most balanced couples, they bring each other to the middle.
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