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Re: Spocks line *Major Major Spoilers*

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And then, "the line".

About 3 months ago I went to a screening of Wrath of Khan and whilst it was a friendly croud, there were plenty of people who I'm not sure were Star Trek fans laughing ironically during Kirk's "Khaaaaaaan!". Laughing. Laughing out loud.

This may happen again. Only this time, it might be us.
I burst out laughing when I heard it, though not loudly. Didn't hear other people guffawing or anything.

I think someone might have been aiming for a new internet meme, and this will no doubt happen if it hasn't already.

Anyway, maybe it came pretty close to farcical, but it didn't ruin the movie for this viewer. Would still rate it as an excellent rollercoaster ride with some great dialogue and acting and not too much egregious use of special effects.
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