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Re: Is there a need for a Helm Department?

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I don't like what TNG did to the helm/nav. They just kept this musical-chairs going with different people there. I prefer having dedicated roles for helm and nav as in TOS.
23rd Century we had Helm and Navigation. TOS dedicated these to Sulu and Chekov (after season 1)

24th Century we had Con as in Flight Control and Ops as in Ship Operations. Con was both Helm and Navigation. On Voyager, these were dedicated to Paris and Kim.

I, like you, thought for a long time that TNG and onward did "something" to this rhythm. Only recently did I realize all they did was move one of the main characters from in front of the Captain to behind him (or her). Well, TNG had more of a rotating helm officer with a dedicated Con (Data) and Tactical (Yar or Worf). This is because they had to use one of the main characters as Counselor.
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